We can buy, sell, trade, or consign your equipment.

If we don’t have it, chances are that we can get it.
If you’re not sure what it’s worth, we can provide a price analysis to help you out.

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    Buy, Trade & Consign

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    Thinking about hangin' your wash on someone else's line? The Farm Lot might be interested in buying equipment for sale or trading it towards equipment we have. Tight enough to raise a blister or squeak when you walk? We'll possibly consign your item for a period to get you the most.

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    Buyer's Agent

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    Do you stay busier than a one-eyed dog in a smokehouse huntin' for equipment? Would it be easier puttin' socks on a rooster? Submit a Buyer's Agent form and we'll contact you if an item close to your criteria crawls across our path.

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    Pricing Analysis

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    Are you as confused as a goat on AstroTurf or would rather skin your own buffalo and discover what your farm equipment is worth? The Farm Lot will provide a pricing analysis including retail, wholesale, and auction price ranges.


…or maybe a gal! Either way, consider The Farm List Network’s Service Providers for-hire below for your agricultural tasks, jobs, or projects.
Got your Ox in a ditch, yellowjacket in the outhouse, or another service not listed? Contact us with details & we may be able to help.


We’d rather be someone’s ‘shot of whisky’ than everyone’s ‘cup of tea.’

At The Farm Lot, we specialize in used farm equipment & agricultural worker referrals. Sure, some items are rusty or banged-up a bit but still perform the same task and at a fraction of the cost of shiny paint.

From tractors to rotary cutters & mowers, to hay forks & spears, from box and straight blades, to disk & plows. from cultivators & renovators, to portable augers and rotary tillers, we carry all kinds of equipment your looking for. The best part of it all? Our equipment is priced to fit your budget.

We are always selling and adding more equipment! The ticket is to check back every day to see what we have or fill out a Buyer's Agent Form and we'll let you know if and when we find what your hunting for.

Looking to trade or consign a piece of equipment? We've got a form you can fill out for that and get you going.

The Farm Lot Solutions:

We're always gonna have great equipment, the question is will you be the one to grab it and buy it before it's sold?