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1. I, the undersigned (owner/consignor), engage the services of The Farm Lot as my agent to sell the items set forth.
2. I certify that I am the sole owner and/or sole authorized agent acting on legal behalf of the sole owner of equipment.
3. I certify that the items consigned are not subject to tax liens, collections or encumbrances and further authorize The Farm Lot to satisfy from my proceeds any such encumbrances that may appear.
4. I acknowledge, accept, & agree to indemnify The Farm Lot against any and all damages, vandalism, theft, or acts of God; and further agree to be responsible for insuring all equipment until it is removed from The Farm Lot.
5. I agree The Farm Lot will assume no responsibility for any casualty including and not limited to fire, theft or vandalism.
6. I agree to pay the commission listed herein which is to be paid by the consignor to The Farm Lot and may be deducted from the proceeds.
7. The Farm Lot agrees that net proceeds will be paid to the consignor within 10 business days after the buyer’s funds have cleared following the end of the sale.
8. The Farm Lot will charge the greater of either: 10% of the selling price or 50% of the amount over the minimum acceptable price. Here’s an example using a consigned item with a minimum price of $1,000 that The Farm Lot sells for $2,400:
a. 10% of $2.4k sale price would result in $240 consignment fee.
b. However, because the item was sold for $1.4k over-and-above the $1k minimum price, the $1.4k amount would be split, resulting in the consignor being paid the minimum $1,000 plus 50% of the additional $1.4k ($700), totaling $1.7k with The Farm Lot retaining the remaining $700.
9. The sale will be nationally advertised through and any other traditional- and/or internet-based spaces at the sole expense & cost of The Farm Lot unless specified in writing.
10. Items not sold after 60-days will require pricing adjustments to continue being consigned by The Farm Lot.
a. The Farm Lot will provide feedback & price-point recommendations.
b. However, should consignor choose not to change price-point, based on The Farm Lot’s recommended price-point, consignor has 10-business days to retrieve, at consignor’s sole cost & expense, items from The Farm Lot.
c. Failure to retrieve items thereafter will begin storage fees of 10% of the sale price, per-day, until the item is retrieved.